MIAL Maritime Decarbonisation Summit

MIAL Maritime Decarbonisation Summit

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MIAL welcomed over 130 attendees from industry and government to our Third Maritime Decarbonisation Summit in Perth on 16 May 2023. We couldn’t have been more excited by the passionate sharing of strategies, ideas and enthusiasm.

More news on the Summit to come. Follow MIAL on LinkedIn for updates.

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What the attendees said

“The conference was very well organised, and the speakers were carefully selected. We walked away with a tonne of learnings on maritime decarbonisation for a small company that doesn’t normally operate in the sphere. Very happy with how it turned out and looking forward to the next summit in Perth; we’ll be bringing more people with us this time to spread the word with key industry leaders in upstream oil and gas companies.”

“Coming along to the summit last year and the connections you facilitated was incredibly helpful. Those conversations you facilitated have helped us slowly firm up the foundations of this project. There’s still lots for us to do before we get green solar methanol flowing, but we have crossed an excellent milestone.”

“Let me give 10/10 for organising the session immaculately. It was really of high standard considering it to be the first session. Furthermore, presenters/speakers/anchors and behind the scenes did a fantastic job.”

“First of all congratulations for hosting a successful event. I am happy that I made the decision to participate in the summit.”