Maritime Decarbonisation Summit

Maritime Decarbonisation Summit

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The Program

The First Session

Feedback from the First Session

The 2nd MIAL Maritime Decarbonisation Summit – 12th October 2022, Sydney Australia

Much has changed since the first event was held in April – we have a new government and a diverse federal parliament elected with climate action firmly on the agenda. We have a legislated (almost) domestic emissions reduction target of 43% by 2030, and while the political will is apparent, the pathway for decarbonisation of Australia’s maritime industry is still undefined.

The 2nd Maritime Decarbonisation Summit event will move the conversation on. From raising the profile of the challenge we face, and the need for collaboration across industry and government, to exploring some of the projects in the planning and the potential mechanisms that will create the regulatory and economic environment needed to help the industry transition.

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The Summit program has been developed in consultation with the MIAL Decarbonisation Focus Group. To enquire about how to participate in the focus group, please send an email to [email protected].

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The Program

Session 1: Unlocking the new maritime energy value chain

Presentations include:

  • Green Corridors and the Australia to East Asia Iron Ore Opportunity
  • Leading Together: The advantages of collaboration in accelerating decarbonisation in the maritime sector
  • The Hydrogen Energy Supply Chain Project
  • Supporting the Business Case: How CEFC can support the early movers in decarbonisation

Session 2: Creating the right enabling environment  

Presentations include:

  • The Economics of Bioenergy – Regulatory interventions to incentivise scaling up
  • Progress on Guarantee of Origin for Hydrogen Products
  • The Role of P&I Clubs in Facilitating the Energy Transition
  • Driving Decarbonisation Through Data Transparency and Market-based Incentives

Session 3: New energy generation and co-location, and the role of Australian ports in maritime decarbonisation  

Presentations include:

  • The IAPH Clean Marine Fuels Working Group
  • Renewable Shore Power for Shipping Decarbonisation
  • Shore Power – A Ship Owners’ Perspective
  • Reducing Emissions in Towage Operations

Session 4: Technology development and decarbonisation programs underway across Australia’s maritime industry

Presentations include:

  • Case Study: Electrification on an Australian Domestic Commercial Vessel
  • Green Methanol
  • Decarbonization – Making the right choices
  • Development of Engine Technology on Future Fuels

Confirmed Speakers

Dr Antonis Michail
Technical Director IAPH & WPSP

Matt McDonald
Chief Executive Officer
Searoad Ferries

Philip Holliday
Chief Executive Officer and Director
Port Authority of New South Wales

Capt. Yves Vandenborn
Director of Loss Prevention
Standard Club

Kris Fumburger

Kaj Portin
General Manager – Sustainable Fuels and Decarbonisation

Sanjay Verma
Director – Decarbonization Solutions

Emily Pointon
Senior Manager, Project Management & Government Relations
CSL Australia

Hirofumi Kawazoe
General Manager
Hydrogen Engineering Australia Pty Ltd

Marieke Beckmann
Senior Programme Lead, First Movers
Global Maritime Forum

Paul Hodgson
Interim CEO
Scaling Green Hydrogen CRC

Rupert Maloney
Executive Director, Hydrogen
Clean Energy Finance Corporation

The First Session – Melbourne

The Australian maritime industry met at the inaugural Maritime Decarbonisation Summit on Wednesday, 27th of April 2022 to discuss the challenges and opportunities associated with decarbonising the sector.

The first session was attended by over 100 key stakeholders and decision-makers within the Australian Government and their agencies, the Australian and international maritime industry, research organisations and new energy providers.

What the attendees said:

“I thought it was really valuable, and well put together and MC’d. Congrats to those in your team that contributed.”

“Let me give 10/10 for organizing the session immaculately. It was really of high standard considering it to be the first session. Furthermore, presenters/speakers/anchors and behind the scenes did a fantastic job.”

“First of all congratulations for hosting a successful event. I am happy that I made the decision to participate in the summit.”