Are you serious Transport Ministers?

In today’s communiqué from the Transport and Infrastructure Council the following is all that appears on this vital issue of National Marine Safety Regulation:

“In November 2016, Council advised it would extend the timeframe for implementation of new service delivery arrangements for the National System for Domestic Commercial Vessel Safety (national system) to allow jurisdictions and industry to better consult and prepare for these significant changes.

Council has considered the views of industry and is close to resolving arrangements that will commence in 2018.”

Is this a bad joke?  In a three page communiqué this is all the marine sector gets?

Industry doesn’t need an extended timeframe – the implementation is happening now, has been happening for quite some time.  Industry IS living this change– day by day, minute by minute.

Any extension of time isn’t for industry’s benefit.

What industry needs is Transport Ministers to make decisions and provide certainty on funding. 

The marine industry needs to know that appropriate funding will be provided and that industry won’t be asked to lose the shirt off their back to pay to transition regulation from States to the Feds because everyone thought it was a good idea at the time!

This kind of dismissive approach to the marine industry shows us just how much priority marine safety is given.

Transport Ministers – here’s a communiqué to you… we float, we boat and we vote. 

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