Launch of MIAL Seafaring Skills Census

Maritime Industry Australia Ltd (MIAL) have today launched a Seafaring Skills Census aimed at tracking the current status and future projections of Australia’s maritime workforce.

The census is the start of a comprehensive analysis of the skills and experience that are critical to Australia’s broader maritime industry and will form a critical part of MIAL’s efforts for Australia to be a thriving maritime economy in the region.

Maritime Industry Australia Ltd Chief Executive Officer Teresa Lloyd said,

“MIAL’s first initiative will focus on the skills and experience synonymous with our industry: seafaring. Seafaring is a skill set not just critical for working on ships, but also for ensuring the significant projects and infrastructure, so critical to Australia’s prosperity, can run efficiently and effectively.

“The attraction of the Australian industry to the next generation of Australian seafarers is dwindling due to the lack of ongoing work – not the lack of interest in the sector.  We are hearing that ports, pilots and regulators are now having trouble finding the skilled candidates they need to fill the strategic roles they have ashore.

It is time to see where we are at, and what we will need as a nation,” Ms Lloyd said.

The census launches on August 17, 2018.  

MIAL’s SEA18 “Skilling our Maritime Nation” Conference in Canberra on October 16 will include an update on the results.

The census is open to any organisation that employs people that are working as seafarers or have a seafaring background/qualification.  The census can be accessed by following this link MIAL Seafaring Skills Census.

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