MIAL celebrates the first International Day for Women in Maritime

It is well known that women are under-represented in the maritime industry. In 2020, MIAL launched a report titled Diversity – Women in Maritime, which identified many areas where there is tremendous alignment between companies and employees in recognising the importance of gender diversity and equality in the workplace, as well as in organisational strategy. However, areas were also identified where there is a disconnect between what companies say they are doing and what employees experience.

Valuable insights were gained from a breadth of sectors ranging from oil and gas operators, port/harbour services, shipowners, education providers, government departments and professional service providers.

Teresa Lloyd, MIAL CEO says: “Creating an environment that fosters inclusion and accelerates diversity in our industry is critical. No one thinks that addressing the imbalance in maritime workforce gender participation is easy. MIAL and our members all have a role in enabling the success of women and with the baselines provided by this report, we can work with industry to work on the next steps and measure progress.”

Thank you to all the organisations dedicated to promoting women in maritime – especially the IMO who announced that May 18 2022 would be the first International Day for Women in Maritime.

The Diversity – Women in Maritime report is available here.

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