Draft Report of Finity Consulting Regarding Seacare

Maritime Industry Australia Ltd (MIAL) thanks Finity Consulting for the work undertaken to produce the draft report titled “Independent review of the Seacare Scheme”. As discussed, MIAL does intend to provide its feedback on the draft under the five general topic headings that Finity requested, however some of the feedback traverses multiple categories.

Regrettably, MIAL was not made aware of the opportunity to provide written submissions as part of this process, notwithstanding other stakeholders availed themselves of the opportunity. Throughout the report notes the reviewers had difficulty obtaining data related to the scheme. MAL is certainly aware of the difficulties in obtaining data, notwithstanding that employers covered by the scheme are required to report regularly. We invite the reviewer to contact MIAL directly if they identify specific information from employers that we may be in a position to assist with obtaining. Similarly we would invite departmental representatives to identify any further information to assist them in making a decision which we would hope and expect to reflect the best decision in light of the review findings.

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