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Australia owes seafarers a debt of gratitude

Today, 25 June 2023, marks the annual Day of the Seafarer. 

This important date is a chance for us to acknowledge the vital contribution made by seafarers to our lives.  

MIAL CEO Angela Gillham says: 

“Australia is a distinctly maritime nation – our coastline stretches more than 34,000 kilometres, 99% of our goods are transported via the ‘blue highway’, and 50% of our population lives within a few kilometres of the coast.  

“The contribution made by seafarers to our economy and way of life cannot be overstated. Every day, hardy crews keep our supply chain running, patrol and protect our coastline, perform hazardous rescue operations, and convey goods, raw materials, equipment, and passengers to every corner of the nation.  

“Without them, our quality of life, our cities, the goods and services we take for granted, would simply not be possible. Every Australian owes every seafarer, past, present and future, an extraordinary debt of gratitude.” 

This year, the International Maritime Organisation’s Day of the Seafarer campaign acknowledges 50 years of MARPOL – the maritime convention introduced to protect the marine environment from ship-sourced pollution.  

MIAL CEO Angela Gillham says: 

“MIAL supports the IMO’s campaign to raise awareness of protecting the marine environment. There have been many advances since MARPOL first began to be implemented in Australia, and there are significant advances still to come as our understanding of our industry’s environmental impact evolves. 

“As one of the four pillars of international shipping regulation, MARPOL has been instrumental in improving the environmental sustainability of the industry – while the role of the seafarer is critical in ensuring compliance and protection of the oceans and atmosphere. 

“After 50 years as a tool to ensure a level playing field with respect to increased environmental standards across the international industry, the importance of MARPOL has only grown.  

“MIAL supports the campaign to observe the #OceansWorthProtecting and as the IMO embarks upon two weeks of critical meetings in June and July, to further determine the industry’s pathway to decarbonisation, MIAL looks forward to an ambitious and unequivocal outcome.” 

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