MAX Magazine – 2023 Year in Review

Read the latest issue of MAX, the magazine for shipping and maritime published by Maritime Industry Australia Ltd.

The theme for this issue is ‘grit and determination’ in recognition of the tough times the industry has weathered and through which we are sailing towards success.

As well as MIAL’s Year in Review for 2023, this issue includes feature stories that will resonate and inspire with their genuine grit and courageousness.

We ask whether Australian shipping will meet the challenges of decarbonisation, reduce fossil fuel consumption, and achieve net-zero.

We introduce you to the extraordinary and diverse CSIRO team whose dedication to task finally revealed the location of the wreck of MV Blythe Star, the Tasmanian tragedy that ushered in a new era of safety at sea.

We follow SS Montevideo Maru’s journey of discovery – a Japanese vessel that sank during World War II with the loss of almost a thousand Australian soldiers and civilians. Thanks to the extensive philanthropic efforts of the Silentworld Foundation, the ship’s discovery provided some closure for families of the victims of Australia’s worst maritime disaster.

There’s something in MAX for everyone, whether you’re a seafarer or maritime professional, a shipping executive or just someone who loves a good yarn.

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